Two Quick Tips to Improve Property Values

Whether it is a home you inherited and don’t care to live in or one you are ready to move on from, selling a home in today’s hot real estate market can be tricky. You want to put a bit of effort in, in order to get the most from it. But at the same time, you don’t want to improve it until it is the most expensive home on the block, making it difficult to get the kind of price you want.

Sometimes an overzealous home owner may put more time and money into improvements in a piece of real estate then they can ever see back from that investment. So how do you know just how much and what kind of improvements will help to seal the deal without losing money in the process? Listen up, as we have talked to a number of real estate experts to find out just what they would recommend to any home owner looking to sell up.

Upgrading Baths and Kitchens

These two rooms are the ones most likely to see a bit of upgrading if you are planning to sell. The trick is to improve them so that the next owner feels that they got just what they wanted, nothing more and nothing less. You want to be sure that the appliances in the kitchen are up to date, look good and have some of the hot features seen in so many abode magazines these days.

But since the latest and greatest in kitchen appliances can cost almost as much as a new car these days, be conservative in what you will spend. Upgrade without making it too crazy. Many homeowners will rip out the previous kitchen when they move in, regardless of whether it is new or not. So, know your market before spending.

The same goes for upgrading that bathroom. Make it look cool, perhaps upgrade the faucets without getting into the plumbing itself. New cabinet doors, a nice-looking glass shower door and some new tiles can be inexpensive but look fabulous. Just remember that everyone has different ideas on color for bathrooms, so keep that new paint and tile a neutral color the new owners can add to instead of that lovely sea green you wanted for yourself.

Backyard Upgrades

Landscaping is one of the cheapest upgrades in a home, and might even be something you can do yourself. But beyond simply adding a few flowerbeds to the yard, you might want to consider a patio or deck. There are many websites that have plans you can use, and if you are even a bit handy around a saw and hammer this might be the perfect summer project.

Don’t forget to take the time to camouflage the propane tank with some plants and a bit of paint. For guidance on this be sure to check out for the final word on what kind of paint is safe to use and some great ideas on how to approach what could end up being a fun little project. After all, if you don’t have fun with it chances are you will never get around to doing it in the first place.

Post Author: Maree Pavan