Tips For Successful Office Window Cleaning

The best way to ensure you have your office window cleaning done properly is to hire a professional firm to complete it for you. However, it is easy to understand that for many small businesses this is not an option, funds are simply too tight to expend on an office window cleaning company.

It is important to take a look at your budget to decide if you really cannot afford a professional office window cleaning firm; it is likely to be cost effective in the medium to long term.

If the answer remains no then you’ll need to apply the following tips to ensure your office window cleaning is successfully completed every time it’s done:


The first thing you need to consider is how high your windows are and how will you reach them. If you are only two or three stories then a ladder will probably suffice but any taller and you will need dedicated equipment or you have to be able to clean the outside of the window from the inside.

It is important to consider this before you start window cleaning; there is little point in completing interior office window cleaning and not exterior.


The basic office window cleaning tools are a bucket, sponge, soapy water, squeegee, razor blade and a means of carrying all these items with you.

The water is used to wash the windows with your sponge while the squeegee is excellent for drying the window without leaving streaks. The razor blade is useful for carefully scraping off hard to remove marks.

It’s important to keep all the tools in perfect condition, if you don’t then it will be noticeable when you undertake the office window cleaning; you just won’t be able to get the windows clean.

As already mentioned, you will need a ladder of some description to complete your office window cleaning.


If you have one of your own members of staff completing the office window cleaning then you will need to verify that your insurance covers this and you should have another member of staff monitoring them to ensure they are safe. This is particularly relevant if they are climbing up a ladder to get the job done.

Unfortunately, once you realize that you need to utilize two staff in order to get your office window cleaning completed properly; you will realize that it is actually cheaper and more effective to get a professional office window cleaning firm involved.

A professional firm has the right tools and the time to do the job properly. They also have the experience and the skills to complete your office window cleaning in the shorted possible time.


If you do decide that the office window cleaning needs to be done by yourself or your staff then it is important to approach it in a methodical fashion. This will ensure that every window is done properly. All you need to do is decide a routine, such as scrubbing the whole window, using the squeegee from left to right horizontally and wiping your squeegee with a clean cloth before you start the next window.

Using the right tools and approach will ensure that your office window cleaning is successful.

Post Author: Maree Pavan