Several Benefits offered by Assisted Living Facilities

Loved ones struggling over their decision on sending a senior friend or relative to a nursing home could finally stop struggling. In case, you wonder why you need Assisted Living Facilities, listed below are eight reasons why assisted living apartments would be a better option than living at home. They would offer the seniors with quality of life and overall wellness.

Benefits offered by assisted living apartments

Following are several convincing reasons you may want to consider an assisted living facility for an aging loved one.

Regular access to physical fitness

In event of seniors having mobility issues or fear of falls, they would be restricted to sitting or lying down at most times. It would hamper their overall health. They may have to pay the price for the lack of cardiovascular activity. Assisted living facilities would provide the services of trained fitness professionals looking forward to keeping seniors fit without worrying about getting hurt.

Array of social interaction opportunities

Assisted living facilities would cater seniors with a wide variety of social interaction opportunities. These would range from card games to shared meals and dancing, ceramics to even scheduled field trips. The residents would no longer need to spend their days alone or isolated from their friends. They would make the most of easy access to new friendships and creative outlets.

Provides intellectual stimulation

A majority of medical studies have showed that seniors who keep their minds active would be less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia. Several assisted living facilities would cater their residents with educational opportunities such as computer, art classes and book discussions.

No need for house cleaner or calling for ride

A majority of assisted living facilities would provide housekeeping and transportation services to their residents. It implies that taking away of keys would be less traumatic for everyone involved. The elderly would be given proper facility to reside.

Nutritional food offered

Proper nutrition could be a problem for seniors, especially as they start to lose their appetite. Their ability to chew and swallow may be compromised. Moreover, medical issues or medications have been known to deplete vitamins and nutrients. They would need proper balance of food. A nutritionist could make sure that all recommended daily allowances would be met.

Assistance with bathing, dressing and eating has been right around the corner. With declining of mobility, the daily living tasks people take for granted could become difficult or even impossible for most seniors to handle independently.

Post Author: Maree Pavan