Sell Your Home Easily – Major Types of Investor Companies and Professional Home Buyers

Are you planning to sell your home? Well, you may first think of finding a reliable real estate agent and that’s where you start spending your great deal of efforts, time, and money. Plus, success isn’t always guaranteed!

While it is true that most of the house sales happen this way traditionally, it might not be an ideal option for everyone. Well, here comes the role of investor companies or professional home buyers in Sacramento. You can sell your home easily to them which can indeed be an excellent option.

However, when choosing a right investor or professional home buyer for your property, ensure to understand what kind of investor they are. You might think that any company with the tagline “we buy houses Sacramento” can buy your home, but it is to be noted that getting just the right type of investor is crucial. Read on to know the major types of them!

Buy and Hold!

This kind of investor will likely want to buy a property with a plan of holding on it for longer time period may be as rental property. In that cause, the given property doesn’t require having much of the equity for them to buy. However, a home with no or very little equity may indicate that as a seller, you may walk away with just little money in your pocket. Apart from that, this kind of investor will buy a property that won’t require a large investment to get it ready for rental purpose.


Fix and Flip!

This kind of investor buys a property with equity at around 70% of the market value and then fixes or remodels it in short duration to sell it on open market. While there is indeed lot of money and time tied up in this kind of deal, a relatively nice sized profit can result out of it.

The investor might need “option period” during contract for bringing an inspector and get the repair bids. However, seasoned and experienced investor must have a great idea of such costs with just a thorough walk through.


This kind of investor won’t be end buyer of the home. The wholesalers will likely get property under the contract with seller for just one price and then will try finding end buyer for flipping the property.


Well, it is fully legal and even has potential to be an ideal scenario when done correctly along with complete disclosure. However, the seller needs to be quite aware in this case since if the investor couldn’t find any end buyer, they may just walk away and you may be left in same situation that you were in before 14-30 days. So, if you are really facing foreclosure, it may be quite catastrophic. After all, selling your home to an investor should be a simple and positive process!

So, do your research well ahead of time. Find out what kind of investor can be right for your home and situation. Don’t forget there is an ample of professional and honest investors out there for you!

Post Author: Maree Pavan