Everything You Need To Know About A Pier And Beam Foundation

Like other homeowners, you must have heard of a pier and beam foundation, which is used for reducing the cost of building construction. How does a pier and beam foundation differ from a regular concrete foundation? In this post, we will discuss some of these aspects in detail.


Knowing the concept

This kind of foundation doesn’t have a concrete base. Instead, concrete piers are set deep in the soil, which eventually carry the weight of the entire structure. A pier and beam foundation doesn’t work like a regular foundation, because the actual foundation is elevated at least a few inches above the surface of the ground. The crawlspace in between is often used for other requirements, such as electrical setup and maintenance of plumbing needs. One of the many benefits of this foundation is lack of extensive investment. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get the foundation ready, and the cost are lower too. Also, getting the repairs done is easy, because the area below the actual foundation is accessible to repairmen and workers.

On the flip side

A pier and beam foundation is not the ideal solution for large buildings, and that’s something one must note while considering the idea for a new home. Also, this kind of foundation should be avoided for areas that are prone to hurricanes and natural calamities like earthquakes. Homeowners should always keep an eye on creaking and cracks on the flooring and walls, because the entire design is not as solid as a concrete foundation.

Get the repairs done

If you have a home with a pier and beam foundation, you should keep an eye on the signs mentioned above. Do not delay in getting the repairs done, because it can impact the structural integrity of the building, if ignored for a long time. Also, be very careful as far as hiring a company for the job is concerned. Repairing a pier and beam foundation requires experience and expertise, and you need to hire a team that’s licensed, insured and locally owned. It is also important to get an estimate in advance, and as a client, you can also ask them about the repair process, which can take a few days, depending on the extent of damage.

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Post Author: Maree Pavan