Essential Options to Take Care of Your Vinyl Floor

There is a good chance that if you chose a vinyl floor, you flashed on a fantastic wood pattern, natural stone or beautiful mosaic. We know you want to keep your vinyl as attractive as possible, so we’ve made a list of tips for you so you can take care of your vinyl floor as much as possible.

Right now the best care for your vinyl

If your vinyl has just been laid, you must treat it with respect. This means that it is better to walk a minimum for the first 24 hours and in any case not to touch the edges.

Be careful with the stiletto heels.

Vinyl resists wear but can be damaged in spite of everything. You do well to put sharp objects in contact with your vinyl. That’s why it’s best not to wear stiletto heels on the vinyl, but if you still choose to do it, you’re good at keeping the heels of your shoes in top condition and replacing them regularly so that they do not become too sharp. For the best cleaner for luxury vinyl floors you need to read below.

Avoid too bright light

Under bright light, your vinyl may fade, or its colors may fade. To prevent this, you can use roller blinds or sunshades to protect your vinyl during the hours of sunshine.

Avoid extreme heat

Hot or hot objects like matches, cigarettes, pans, and oil can damage your vinyl. Avoid damaging your vinyl and do not let these objects come into contact with your vinyl.

Use a floor protection

Felt floor protectors can help your vinyl stay in excellent condition. Glue or screw them on the legs of your furniture so that they can be moved even more easily without damaging your vinyl. Protection can also reduce noise. It is essential that you replace your felt floor protector regularly because it eventually wears out over time and dirt can get in under the felt floor protectors.

Use doormats

Quality doormats in front of the front door and the back door of your home that remove dirt from the soles of your shoes prevent dirt and sand from entering your home. You can reduce the soil coming your home by 70% by using mats both inside and out. Need more information? see it here.

Clean your vinyl regularly with particular cleaning products

You can remove crumbs and dust with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush broom, but if you use the vacuum cleaner, removes the rotating brush and use the soft accessory. The wheels of a vacuum cleaner can also scratch and bump your vinyl, so you need to check the wheels regularly to make sure they do not have pebbles or kernels.

Post Author: Maree Pavan