Clever Moving Home Hacks To Make Moving Painless

Argh, it’s that time again (or it could be your first time) where moving is on the cards and your dashing around like the proverbial blue fly trying to make sure everything is done and that the process will be painless.

Have no fear!

Here are some top hacks to make your move as worry-free as possible.

Slide your clothing into bin bags on the hangers

One of everyone’s main concerns with moving is their clothes and usually, if you’re a bit of a hoarder, there’s quite a few articles of clothing to be shifted. Enter, the bin bag.

Yes, it sounds uncouth, but sliding your clothes (whilst on the hanger) into bin liners is a great way to keep clothes and hangers unified for a quick unload in your new home – so get buying some strong, resilient bin liners (garden ones are GREAT)

Wrap your valuables in newspaper or bubble wrap

That fine china, those beautiful glasses – that expensive crystal vase you were given on your wedding day – all these valuables are, well, valuable for a reason – so when moving you want to keep it that way.

Go online and source yourself a tonne (not literally) of bubble wrap or simply buy some newspapers and get wrapping all those valuables, it’ll give you piece of mind that things are broken when you move.

Hire THEE Best Removal Company You Can Find

It’s important that if you are choosing to work with a removal company that you do your homework. Look for reviews on companies, get quotes and estimates on moving day and look for even more reviews!

The difference between a good and bad removal company will drastically impact moving day and can turn your swift moving home process into a nightmarish ordeal. We’ve done some homework for you and have found that to have the best reviews and the best prices out of the reviews we’ve read – you’re welcome.

If You’re Using Your Own Boxes, Cut Some Handles in!

When moving home chances are you’re going to use A LOT of boxes which is great! However, if you choose to use your own boxes, try to cut handles out of the sides, you won’t believe how much difference this makes to the ease of moving boxes – the surfaces are slippery and if you drop one you could have a street full of your items rolling around – not a good look.

Change Your Address In Advance

Make sure you notify everyone that needs to know that you’re moving home and give them your new address 2 weeks before your moving out date. This will take just another thing off your mind that you don’t have to worry about later on when you’re settling into your new home, you will thank me!

Labels, labels and more labels

Labelling is absolutely paramount. Make sure that you label all of your boxes with which boxes are going where in your new home and try to not mix up items from different rooms when packing as it can make the unpacking at your new home a logistical nightmare.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these quick hacks to make your move a little more stress free – enjoy your new home

Post Author: Maree Pavan